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SmartSAVER.org CLB application now accessible via mobile device

Stickers - SmartSAVER - AccessThe CLB online application has been optimized for mobile devices, making it easier for families to start the process from anywhere, and for frontline workers to take the online application with them into the community.  

Mobile accessibility removes barriers to internet access:

  • Families can now use their mobile phone to access and complete the application in English or French, with additional language assistance available in Mandarin, Punjabi, or Spanish. (No download required to use the online application although mobile charges may apply for minutes used.) The online application will be transmitted directly and securely to the applicant’s financial institution of choice.
  • Community organizations now have added flexibility to assist families to apply through mobile phones or tablets. Handy for community outreach or off-site sign-up events.

New ‘Apply Now’ paper and e-stickers are available in the resources section, and can be added to your print materials or websites to encourage eligible families to apply for the Canada Learning Bond by computer or mobile device at SmartSAVER.org.

Tax Clinic Tools Now Available to Encourage CLB Applications

Tax time is a great chance to inform parents about possible eligibility for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) and two new tools are now available to help.

Tax clinic volunteers are in a unique position to bring this untapped benefit to their clients’ attention. With the information available on a completed tax return, volunteers can quickly identify eligible parents and point them in the right direction to access their child’s CLB.

The toolkit includes:

  • ‘Important Notice’ Post-it notes: These provide basic CLB information and a quick exercise to help identify CLB eligibility. Stick a post-it note to a completed return or other material you’re sending home with clients. Or, help them complete the exercise on the spot!
  • ‘Ask Me About Free Money’ StickersThese can be worn by volunteers to encourage clients to ask them about the FREE MONEY Canada Learning Bond they could be eligible for.

Remember, it takes only seconds to determine if a family is eligible for up to $2,000 for each child! Watch this brief video presentation to see how simple it is. Don’t let families miss out on this benefit.

If you run an income tax clinic, contact Joe March:  416-966-1418 Ext. 3 for your toolkit!

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