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ACORN Canada integrates Canada Learning Bond outreach into daily activities

ACORN Staff Corey at Ottawa Centre ACORN Canada is a grassroots organization that spends a big chunk of our resources going door-to-door talking to families about their biggest issues.  We have recently integrated Canada Learning Bond outreach into our day-to-day activities. Each office talks to between 30-130 low-income families every day. We have flyers and are making sure they are handed out at chapter meetings. We have people in the office ready to help when people drop by and call. 

Putting a concerted effort into making sure our organizers know that low-income families are missing benefits that they are eligible for, like the Learning Bond helps make sure the communities we talk to everyday get access.

Judy Duncan, Head Organizer, ACORN Canada

Annual CLB Champions’ network meeting highlights learnings and collaboration

The Canada Learning Bond Champions’ Network annual meeting brought together a diverse group of participants for an energizing day of learning, collaborating, and sharing. The event, organized by the Canada Education Savings Program included community, government and financial institution representatives from across Canada. Discussions included 2015 activity evaluation, communications and governance updates and brainstorming sessions, all with the goal of further strengthening awareness, understanding and participation in the Canada Learning Bond.

Several Champions presented their CLB efforts, including:

  • Althea Arsenault, Manager of Resource Development for the New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC) who shared the results of their cheque insert blitz with income support offices throughout the province and other promotions through the Inclusion Network and government departments;
  • Diane Tan who presented the County of Wellington’s new Policy and Procedure that integrates the Canada Learning Bond directly into the Ontario Works of Guelph Wellington intake process; and
  • Nicole McDonald, Program Director, Indigenous Initiatives, at the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation who updated the Network on the Foundation’s partnership with the National Association of Friendship Circles and others to increase CLB take-up in Indigenous communities throughout Canada.

The Network will continue to collaborate over the coming year, particularly toward National Education Savings Week, November 20-26, 2016.

Watch this blog for more updates as these and many other CLB promoters share their stories with us!

Annual CL Champions' Network meeting

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