Community Partners are key to CLB take-up

Many families who could benefit from the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) don’t have it because they don’t know about it or have an RESP account to receive it. Community organizations and services that families trust play an important role in ensuring families learn about the CLB and how they can get it.

SmartSAVER works with a wide range of community partners across the country. To assist them to become CLB advocates, we provide staff and volunteer training, printable and digital promotional materials, and modest financial support to help offset some of the costs associated with promoting the CLB.

Our community partners become part of a larger network of partners across Canada promoting the CLB. These champions share tips and best practices to start and build CLB outreach and work together to advance CLB access.

If your organization is interested in becoming a SmartSAVER Community Partner, learn more here and get in touch. We look forward to working with you to engage families in your community!

Luke Connell
Partnership Manager, SmartSAVER

This is part one in a series from SmartSAVER’s Partnership Managers.

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