SmartSAVER works in partnership with a wide range of community services and organizations that help the families they serve find out about the Canada Learning Bond and SmartSAVER’s online application.

“SmartSAVER has been instrumental for my agency signing up dozens of eligible children.” — Partner Feedback

What is the Community Incentive Program?

The community incentive is designed to help offset any costs a community partner may incur in helping families to access the Canada Learning Bond through The community incentive provides $25 for each application assisted by a community partner, as identified by the applicant.

How does it Work?

  1. Choose a URL: Each partner organization receives a unique URL that connects directly to SmartSAVER’s online application. This URL tags the applications an organization has encouraged or assisted.
  2. Create a CLB webpage on the organization’s website: Using SmartSAVER’s template or creating a branded design, partners are encouraged to introduce the CLB to their own website visitors, making sharing and connecting to the online application easier, and enabling partners to quantify traffic flow.
  3. Receive monthly updates and quarterly incentives.

Who’s eligible to participate in the Incentive Program?

Participation in the program is open to any organization considered a “qualified donee,” including registered charities, schools and post-secondary institutions (but does not include any level of government.)

If your organization meets the eligibility criteria and wishes to assist the families you serve to apply for the Canada Learning Bond via, get started now! Download and sign the 1-page Community Incentive Partner Program and email it to A member of SmartSAVER’s team will contact you about next steps. New partners are invited on a continuous basis.

Looking for more information? Read our resource: Top questions community partners ask about SmartSAVER.