#EveryChildAnRESP Mommy Blogger: Why is saving for your kids’ education important?

This post was originally published on MomLess Mom’s blog, October 10, 2016, as part of SmartSAVER’s 2016 #EveryChildAnRESP Back to School campaign. We thank Vinma for participating and amplifying our message to reach more Canadian parents.

My youngest started school this year.

Taking bus ride with her brother and making new friends at school is very exciting for her. Not to mention, the Frozen backpack and shoes does inspire my daughter to get up and blend into her new routine every day without much fuss.Open an RESP today and Start Planning for your Kids' future

And her big brother? He voluntarily signed up to become the guide and protector of his little sister in the bus and at school. Quite a promotion, I think he is proud of his new position and does it really well too!

Now with both kids at school, I am like any other parent thinking more and more about their educational and financial future.  Post secondary education is a big expense, no kidding! While paying for it is a great investment for your child’s future, Canadian tuition fees and other education-related expenses continue to climb.This makes it difficult for many families to fund the cost, especially if there’s more than one child involved.

The other day, I was reading upon some statistics and it was a rude awakening to what must be done. Allow me to share some staggering numbers with you…

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By Vinma Joseph, creator of MomLess Mom.

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