Saving is easy with the Canada Learning Bond. The CLB offers families with lower incomes a simple way to start saving for their children, even if they can’t contribute.


Research demonstrates that even small amounts of education savings can set in motion a chain reaction of positive social and educational outcomes for a child and their family:

  1. Youth with savings earmarked for their education are 50% more likely to participate in post-secondary education than those who have none.

    Statistics Canada and HRDC, “Access, persistence and financing: First results from the Postsecondary Education Participation Survey (PEPS)”

  2. Children with as little as $3,000 in savings are more likely to graduate from high school.

    Social Service Review, “Assets, expectations, and children’s educational achievement in female-headed households”

  3. For children as young as 11, their perception of whether college is financially possible influences their school-focused goals and the effort they put into their school work.

    Mesmin Destin and Daphna Oyserman, From Assets to School Outcomes: How Finances Shape Children’s Perceived Possibilities and Intentions, Psychological Science, Vol.20 No.4

  4. Children with education savings between $1 – $499 are 3 times more likely to pursue postsecondary and 4 times more likely to graduate.

    Scholarly research on children’s savings accounts. CFED 2014.

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It only takes a minute to find out what proportion of eligible kids in your region are getting their Canada Learning Bond! (Instructions available below map)


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