Niagara Region engages partners to increase Canada Learning Bond sign-up

The Regional Municipality of Niagara has partnered with community agencies across Niagara to promote the Canada Learning Bond and sign up eligible families.  “The support and participation has been remarkable,” says Adrienne Jugley, Commissioner of Community Services with Niagara Region.  “Staff across the Region along with our partners in the non-profit sector really responded to this opportunity to spread the word about the CLB and help sign kids up.”

The Region’s campaign has included staff training and awareness, social media promotion, and a post-card that provided helpful RESP and CLB information.  A key to success, however, has been partnering with numerous community organizations to reach clients and families with eligible children across Niagara.  Over 30,000 of the post-cards have been distributed.  The strategy has generated a large number of new CLB applications.  

By Judy Sobchak, Community Engagement Coordinator.

For more information about the initiative, please contact Judy.