Guest Post by Pathways to Education: Helping youth achieve their full potential

Pathways to Education is a national, charitable organization working to make Canada a Graduation Nation. Partnering with dedicated organizations in low-income communities, Pathways supports youth to graduate from high school and achieve their full potential.

Pathways to Education Canada’s Employment Advisory Council (EAC) is a group of private, public, and not-for-profit professionals tasked with developing a website to encourage and assist employers on how to create internship opportunities for Pathways students and alumni.

On Pathways’ internship website, resources for how to develop an internship program are available for employers to access, along with student and alumni testimonials that illustrate how hosting internships for Pathways youth is a rewarding experience.

We encourage you to visit the new site and consider hosting an internship today.

By W. Aaron House, U.E., B.A., M.ED.
Director, Post-Secondary Affairs
Pathways to Education Canada

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