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IN THE NEWS: March 4, 2016

Today’s news includes articles about post secondary education, community partners, and access to education from various news sources including the Times Colonist, Halifax Metro, and the Regina Leader-Post.


BC Training and Education Savings Grant. KamloopsCity.com. March 3, 2016

BC allowing ‘sneak’ college fee increases: NDP. Times Colonist. March 3, 2016

Vancouver Island University and North Island College have both announced new fees in recent months, as…

‘They’re afraid of these fee hikes:’ public Dalhousie tuition hike meeting not so public. Halifax Metro. March 2, 2016

Dalhousie director of communications Brian Leadbetter approached Metro at the presentation, and asked that…


Ontario ACORN leading the way in fight against predatory lenders! ACORN Canada website. March 3, 2016

A great turnout at the Toronto ACORN Fair Banking Forum on Feb 27 heard from residents who have …


First Nations University of Canada implements cost-cutting measures. Regina Leader-Post. March 2, 2016

It was business as usual at the First Nations University of Canada on Wednesday, as high school students ….

Failing Canada’s First Nations children. Global News. March 2, 2016

When Priscilla King’s eldest daughter turned 14, she had to send her away to high school, hundreds of …


Lake Wobegon Days: Half Of American Children Are In Near Poverty. Forbes. March 3, 2016

The effects of Medicaid, SNAP, the EITC, free school meals, Section 8 vouchers, in fact the whole plethora…

11 Research U’s Improve Low-Income Graduation Rates. Inside Higher Ed. March 3, 2016

The group’s members also decreased their gap in graduation rates between low-income students and…

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IN THE NEWS: March 3, 2016

Today’s news includes articles about poverty reduction, post secondary education, and lower-income issues, from various news sources including the Georgia Straight, Maclean’s Magazine, and the Ottawa Citizen.


With election coming up next year, B.C. NDP makes no promise yet to increase welfare rates. The Georgia Straight.com. March 2, 2016

Swanson said that although New Democrats talk about a poverty reduction strategy, they “won’t talk about raising welfare rates” in that plan.


Freezing the fees, kind of. The Eyeopener. March 2, 2016

But the push for increased provincial funding and better access to education has been present at Ryerson for decades.

Province Introduces New OSAP Rules. The Fountain Pen. March 2, 2016

Ontario is making college and university more accessible and affordable for low- and middle-income students and their families through the …

Free tuition is good. But it’s just a start. Maclean’s Magazine. March 2, 2016

Affordability and accessibility remain barriers for education. But they’re not alone—and that must be addressed.

Why free tuition helps all the wrong students. Financial Post blog. March 1, 2016

What happens when costly services like university education are provided for free or at a steep discount?

Ashby: Ontario’s new student grant will pay off for everyoneOttawa Citizen. March 1, 2016

The upfront Ontario Student Grant is a great idea. Here’s why.


A realistic plan to narrow the income gap: Goar. Toronto Star. March 2, 2016

A think-tank has released a sensible blueprint to reverse income polarization.

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