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IN THE NEWS: March 16, 2016

Today’s news includes articles about education savings, access to education, and partner activities, from various news sources including La Presse, CBC News, and the Financial Post.

L’ARGENT QUI PASSE DANS LE BEURRE. La Presse. Le 13 mars 2016.

Il y a de l’argent qui pend au bout du nez des Québécois. Des crédits, des bons, des allocations qui passent carrément dans le beurre parce que les contribuables…

Yes, you can get a job with a liberal arts degree, says this researcher. Ottawa Citizen, March 15, 2016

Ross Finnie knows what many students think of a liberal arts education: It won’t pay off.

Free money: Post-secondary scholarships are begging for candidates. Financial Post. March 15, 2016

Tall Clubs International says it probably comes up a little short when it comes to the number of applications it receives for its scholarships.

First Nations students get 30 per cent less funding than other children, economist says. CBC News March 14, 2016

Don Drummond counters Indigenous Affairs’ claim that funding gap cannot be measured.

Visit our library for more articles about financial literacy, empowerment, and education savings.

Tax Clinic Tools Now Available to Encourage CLB Applications

Tax time is a great chance to inform parents about possible eligibility for the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) and two new tools are now available to help.

Tax clinic volunteers are in a unique position to bring this untapped benefit to their clients’ attention. With the information available on a completed tax return, volunteers can quickly identify eligible parents and point them in the right direction to access their child’s CLB.

The toolkit includes:

  • ‘Important Notice’ Post-it notes: These provide basic CLB information and a quick exercise to help identify CLB eligibility. Stick a post-it note to a completed return or other material you’re sending home with clients. Or, help them complete the exercise on the spot!
  • ‘Ask Me About Free Money’ StickersThese can be worn by volunteers to encourage clients to ask them about the FREE MONEY Canada Learning Bond they could be eligible for.

Remember, it takes only seconds to determine if a family is eligible for up to $2,000 for each child! Watch this brief video presentation to see how simple it is. Don’t let families miss out on this benefit.

If you run an income tax clinic, contact Joe March by email or 416-966-1418 Ext. 3 for your toolkit!

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