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IN THE NEWS: April 20, 2016

Today’s news includes articles about free tuition, access to technology and access to education, from various news sources including CBC News New Brunswick, HigherEdPoints and the Vancouver Island websites.

Richard Saillant applauds free tuition for low-income students.
CBC News New Brunswick. April 18, 2016

Local Aboriginal Youth Get New Tech Tools for School.
SAMSSA website. April 15, 2016

Not your Parents’ Higher Ed: Boomers and Gen X: Higher Ed Ain’t What it Used to Be.
HigherEd Points website. April 19, 2016

Harewood Elementary Students Partner With VIU To Dream Big.
Vancouver Island University. April 19, 2016

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New Interactive Tools on SmartSAVER.org

Our partners and volunteers never cease to amaze us with their creativity in support of the Canada Learning Bond! Check out our two new interactive tools – one for families, one for CLB champions – both on SmartSAVER.org.

Canada Learning Bond Take-Up Map for CLB champions

Over 1.5 million children across Canada are eligible for the Canada Learning Bond and haven’t received it yet. Do families know about the Bond in your community? Using FSA (forward sortation address) data published by the federal government, SmartSAVER volunteer Jeff Pengelly created this interactive map to help you quickly see how well (or how poorly) the CLB is accessed in your area. Search the map by postal code, city or province to narrow the field. Help build awareness by sharing local stats with other organizations in your community or inform your efforts by pinpointing areas of highest need.

Family Savings Calculator

Thanks to Alfred Yang and Proliteracy.ca we’re excited to be able to offer our new RESP Savings Calculator. This unique and fun-to-use tool quickly illustrates how savings can really add up with the help of available federal and provincial government RESP grants.

By inputting a few simple variables families can get a sense of how big an education fund they can put together at different contribution levels, including no contribution at all. Try inputting different monthly contributions and see the impact on matching grants and on savings over time.

Have fun with these new tools today!

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